Yes! You can (and should) use essentials oils to get off the weight loss/gain roller coaster and finally enjoy food and fitness freedom!

Of course, I’m not talking about a magic potion. You know how essential oils work! Just like you use lavender for a sunburn, but have to get out of the sun first, I’ll show you exactly how to use essential oils AND change your daily routine to support your metabolism, eliminate cravings, regain your energy, and enjoy better sleep.

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Welcome!! I’m Sage!

I’m a dog mom, personal trainer, aromatherapist, and Capricorn who loves both science and woo-woo. I am honored to work with women who love essential oils and care passionately about wellness (but still struggle to get results) to embrace simple and sustainable self-care practices that support their health and fitness goals.

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Check out my essential oil recipe calculator!

Not sure how many drops to use in your recipes? I’ll show you! I researched all of the safety guidelines and created a dilution formula for every recipe that is safe for every age! It’s so easy to use… you have to check it out!

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